Update now iOS 10.3 because it will help your iPhone run faster

Apple has tweaked and made the short animation on iOS 10.3, and along with the new file system, operating system promises to help your iPhone run faster.

Accordingly, on the iOS 10.3, Apple has tweaked and made the animated short animation (when you open or exit, move applications on iOS, you can see the animation to appear). According to Renaud engineers Apple Lienhart revealed on Twitter, the refining, along with new modern file system named APFS, help for your iPhone/iPad "to feeling" more quickly. Renaud Lienhart, who participated directly in the process of developing the operating system iOS.

New file system called APFS that Apple used on iOS 10.3 also helps the operating system run faster. APFS are designed to have low latency, and this helps improve the speed of reading, recording the data of the memory on the computer running iOS. Initially you will hardly realize this difference, but when using the application a lot of data into memory iPhone/iPad, you will notice the difference in a more pronounced way.

IOS 10.3 can also help fix many bugs still exist on iOS 10 before that, as an error frame drop interface. According to the test with iOS 10 ago, Apple was unable to provide smoother 60fps frame rate as the company promises before, and hope that iOS 10.3 will help overcome this condition.

To update to iOS 10.3, you simply open the Settings application on iPhone/iPad and select General > Software Update and then download and install.