Apple has released iOS 10.3.1 to bug fixes and security improvements

Just a week ago, Apple released iOS 10.3 for the entire world, but users today released the next update: iOS 10.3.1. This is an update to fix bugs and improve security for devices running iOS. However, Apple's release notes are not clear version 10.3.1 fixes the bug. On the Security page of the Apple, the airline said the new iOS version corrects a buffer overflow (buffer overflow) can be hackers exploit to run (execute) code on your phone or tablet Wi-Fi chip. This security bug was discovered by the team in charge of the project Project Zero of Google. In accordance with Project Zero, when it found an error in a product, service, they will report to the service providers that know in advance. If after 90 days the provider not launching the patch, bugs will be announced publicly.

According to the reflected, in a iOS 10.3, the air iPhone 5/5 c and fourth generation iPad error can not install a update through OTA (updated directly from the Settings on the device). This is the ultimate iDevice also use 32-bit architecture. The error caused the Apple to stop the update OTA for 3 models. With iOS update 10.3.1 today, sorry I was and the 32-bit device can update the operating system directly from the Application Settings, no longer have to use iTunes as before. Apple launched the first beta of iOS 10.3.2 last week almost immediately after the iOS release 10.3. More likely it will be adding some other beta before a final version was launched for all users (the time from the beta to stable release will about one to two months). However, users should not expect a new stable iOS will have prominent features, when that iOS 11 will soon launch in June.