Apple released a major update iOS 10.3

Tested from 24/1, iOS 10.3 addition of features and important changes to the operating system. Apple users can already use the AirPods "Find My AirPods" to search and detect the headset. Apple File System (APFS) recently, flash memory optimization and provide security, better synchronization.

Siri smarter with continued improvements in SiriKit, allows the application developer to integrate payments, schedule a trip, car test through voice commands with the application. You also know the results and statistics of the match.

For watchOS, version 3.2 brings to Theater mode (the clock off and dark screen when watching movies) and supports SiriKit.

Both updates are available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and clock. Before upgrading, you must make sure to backup the device to avoid lost data if having problems during the download process.

To install > > General software update to check for software updates